U.S Patent No: 11826888    CN patent no. ZL201990000487.X

The GS-360 grip-spin product is an all profile gripping, ratchet driven hand tool which combines the advantages of the regular locking grip pliers and those of the conventional socket wrench set, but leaves out many of the drawbacks, such as encumbrance, a high number of parts, damage to nuts and bolts and lack of comfort while working.

Essentially it is one multi-tool for gripping objects tightly and turning them on their axis, the two most needed and common actions in the field of mechanical work.

U.S Patent No: 11826888    CN patent no. ZL201990000487.X

The GS-360 grip spin’s design ensures that whatever shape or size object is gripped it will always stay parallel and centered with the object’s turning axis, thus allowing it to be turned via a ratchet mechanism and with no impure momentum.

According to 2023 studies 32.5% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 consider themselves either handy (23.5%) or very handy (9%), combined with auto repair shops in the united states this constitutes roughly 70,000,000 (250,000 of which auto repair shops) potential customers who can use the GS-360 to their advantage.
The GS-360 can be ordered with double blister or foam and cardboard branded packaging,  the tool itself can be branded with the desired logo and finished in matt black or stainless steel.

the GS-360 is produced with the highest grade materials and stands up to the toughest requirements existing in the hand-tool consumer and manufacturing industry.

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Just one tool for every job

  • Hex nut and bolt grip
  • Screwdriver function
  • Cutter function
  • Bit grip
  • head-on grip
  • Side grip
  • Ratchet drive function
  • 4mm-23mm (0.15-1.0 inch) gripping range
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